Friday, February 16, 2007

We finally got some snow...

After a warm start to the winter and nothing more than a couple pitiful dustings of snow we finally got hit with a pretty good storm. There's probably a couple feet of snow on the ground with drifts up to about 4 feet. We got pretty lucky, though, because areas west of us got slammed again on top of the snow they got over the past couple weeks.

I was kind of excited to see the snow so I could finally try out the AWD on my new car and it's pretty fun. I love that the AWD system seems to feel slightly rear-biased to me. It does seem to be pulling more with the front end when going straight ahead but around 90 degree turns the car loves to throw the tail out but it can be straightened out quickly with a gentle push of the throttle. It definitely feels much more fun compared to the FWD cars I'm so used to driving. It almost brings me back to the RWD - GMC Safari days of learning how to drive on my parent's van.

It's a little nerve-wracking to drive around in a brand new car in the shitty weather with all the other assholes out there on the road... but luckily (for the most part) the roads haven't been too bad considering the amount of snow we got so quickly.

On a "green" note. We replaced all of the bulbs in our kitchen ceiling fan with GE compact fluorescent bulbs and I must say I was very tentative about spending a little more money on them, taking into account my past experiences with the bulbs. I remembered hating the dull, yellowish light that the ones we had in the past gave off... this new batch, though is incredible! They're brighter and whiter than the bulbs that were in there and they were only a little more expensive initially than the regular bulbs... So, needless to say I'm impressed. I'm definitely going to go ahead and replace all the bulbs in the apartment with these as they fail.

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