Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I found another reason to HATE myspace.

I went to update the link to my blog from myspace and I found that when I saved my change and went to test my new link, I hovered the mouse over the link "[random-string]=" showed up as the link. I went back and changed it again... same result. I do a little research and turn this up:

More MySpace Censorship (and how to get around it!) (Don't bother with their "solution", though, it's stupid and the "msplinks" are still going to be there. You just link to another site and then redirect, adding more complexity to a formerly SIMPLE process.)

There are a few more links out there about the same subject but apparently this started a couple months ago to "stop the spammers" but from some of the comments and stuff about the msplinks, it sounds like they've been blocking legitimate sites. (It sounds to me like someone has their panties in a bunch because other people are making money off of their precious site. I know you're not listening, myspace, but FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU MYSPACE!)

I'm *this close* to deleting my myspace profile. I never check it unless someone sends me a message there or I have to update something (as was the case tonight.) I can't get to it from work because it's blocked and as I've complained about before, most of the people I know aren't on myspace and many of the profiles there assault my eyes. All I know is that I'm becoming less and less of a fan of myspace. (Which is hard to do because I started out not liking it.) Maybe it's time to go back to friendster. (Just kidding.) In all likelihood, I'm probably done with online "social networks" all together.

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