Monday, July 9, 2007

I'm going to see Tool on Saturday!

Yesterday one of my good friends surprised me with a free ticket to see Tool here in Albany on Saturday 7/14/07!

I was grumpy all day yesterday because I had a wicked headache and a TON of stuff to do that I didn't feel like doing (putting stuff on eBay, dishes, laundry, etc.) and my girlfriend kept urging me to go over to our friend's place to hang out, have pizza and help her bottle her beer.

Normally, these would have been great low key Sunday night plans... but I felt like crap all day and I just didn't feel like leaving the couch.

She was very insistent that I go, though, and she said she promised that I'd have a good time. I grumpily agreed to go... and right when we walked in the door my friend gave us hugs and said hello and immediately reached into an envelope and pulled out a ticket and handed it to me!

What a good surprise...

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