Thursday, July 12, 2007

Little excitement left in "green" movement?

A news story about the "green movement" popped up today on ABC's website today.

The basic premise of this article seems to be that the reporter feels that excitement of the "green" movement is basically over before it even began. The article seems to feel that many companies are jumping on the "green" bandwagon more as a tool to drive sales with little plan for the future or no desire to actually do any good.

There are a lot of points that were brought up that do make sense.

From my point of view, it is kind of crazy that people buy things based on a label such as "all natural", "organic" or "hybrid" without understanding the benefits, impacts or costs of what they're doing. It's more of a fad than doing something for a benefit. People are willing to pay extra for something that's labeled "all natural" or "hybrid" because that's the in thing right now. Actors and other pop culture "idols" spout off their ideals and people hang on their words and rush out to go "green".

I think we need to find a way to help people understand the impact of the things they're doing. Sometimes it's not better to buy a brand new hybrid to replace your well maintained '92 Honda Civic hatchback that gets 38MPG. It's not better to throw out all of your clothes and replace them with organic cotton and hemp clothes. Why do we have to spend extra money at the supermarket to buy organic tomatoes grown thousands of miles away when there's probably a farmer's stand or market close to where you live?

Things like this annoy the hell out of me but on the other hand, when was the last time I stopped at a farm stand for fruit and vegetables? Hmmmm...

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