Monday, July 16, 2007

The TOOL concert was awesome

The TOOL concert at the Time Warner Center in Albany, NY on Saturday was amazing. The seats that my friend got were awesome. We were in the First Albany box suite. The box was pretty sweet. There were about 10 seats, a lounge area with a couch and a private bathroom. The view was from stage left at the top of the first level. We had a perfect view of everything going on on stage and all of the screens.

The opening band Big Business was well... they were interesting. I found the vocal delivery very distracting from the total sound and I couldn't understand a lot of the lyrics. I must say the drummer Coady Willis was one of the be best drummers I have ever seen. One of the highlights of the TOOL portion of the show was actually when Coady came up on stage and did dual drum duty with Danny Carey.

I'm not going to do much of a review other than to say that it was one of the best shows I've ever been to. The only show that actually gave this one a run for the money was the last time I saw TOOL in the same arena in 2001 which was called the Pepsi Arena at that time. This one relied a lot on visuals projected on 4 screens behind the band and one on either side plus a pretty cool laser light show for the second half of the show. They played a lot of their Aenima biggies including my favorite TOOL song 46&2.

Overall the show was awesome and I'm really glad that I had the opportunity to go! Thanks Nadia!

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