Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Amazon wish list.

I started an amazon.com wish list last night and I think it's getting out of hand already...

This all started because I put all of my accumulated pennies, nickels and dimes for the past couple months into a Coinstar machine and it was free to change it into a merchandise certificate for a few businesses such as amazon.com or iTunes. I still had $13 credit in my iTunes account (from birthday gifts) so I decided to go with amazon this time. I ended up with $24.94 to spend there. (I should have just rolled the change and brought it to the bank... but where is the fun in that?)

Anyway, I'm going to stop at Borders tonight and return the overpriced PHP book I bought last night with the gift card my parents got me and hopefully pick up a couple of the other books on my wish list and then I'll use the Coinstar certificate to get a couple more from amazon. After this I'll have books to read for the next year or so...

Any other recommendations for good books while I'm on a spending spree?

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