Thursday, August 9, 2007

Domain name switchover...

Over this weekend I'm going to back up everything on my web host and switch my main domain from smushybrain to suburbicide officially with my web host.

I currently have it set up with scenebot and suburbicide as "subdomains" at smushybrain so that I can host everything on one hosting plan since I don't have that much traffic to warrant separate hosting for each.

I'm still 99% sure that I'm going to let smushybrain and scenebot go at their next renewals and focus on suburbicide as my only domain. I pay too much money for domains that I never use and have no real plans to use. I'm going to actually pick one and stick to it... and I like suburbicide the best.

I've said all this before, though. I'm just writing this again because if anything looks weird, is broken or missing over the next week or so it's probably because of this transition. I have to back everything up and then they're going to switch my account over and I'm going to put back up just the things I want up. (There's a lot of clutter including pictures that I have linked in forums and stuff like that that I'm going to take down.)

I also have a few new ideas of things that I'm going to put up here on suburbicide in the (hopefully) near future.

* I have some rants that I wrote awhile back that I'm going to dig out, type up and make into a feature section of my website.
* I'm thinking of ditching Picasa which I'm currently half-heartedly using for pictures and switching to a gallery software package (maybe coppermine) that I can integrate with my current site design a little better. (Picasa seems a little slow to me, also.) I want to get more into taking pictures, too. I have a new digital camera that I need to use more...
* I MIGHT go through some of my old "teen angst poetry" that I wrote about a couple days ago and put up some of the ones I like in a "poetry" section like I used to have.
* I also have some photos and "digital art" that I made years ago that I want to rework and possibly sell prints of... I'm not sure on this one yet.
* The last thing I'm thinking of might actually turn into a separate project of it's own some day, but eventually I want to compile a list of SIMPLE things people can do to be a little more friendly to the environment. I want to hunt down good sources of information already on the web and link to them and also compile lists of my own that anyone can do for little or no money to help make a difference in consuming less energy, making less waste and just being better to the earth.

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