Friday, August 31, 2007

On losing weight... maybe?

I just weighed myself on the scale in the bathroom at work... and either it's REALLY broken or I lost about 15 lbs. in the past few weeks.

Even with my sneakers on plus my iPod & earbuds, phone, keys and wallet in my pockets it said I was at 196 lbs. I haven't been under 200 in awhile on the same scale. The last time I weighed myself on it I was at 213 lbs in dress shoes and my work pants but with all the same things in my pockets... I know my dress shoes and work pants don't weigh 17 lbs more than the jeans and sneakers I'm wearing today... so either the scale is broken (possible) or I lost some weight.

I really haven't been doing that much differently. I've been eating the same types of foods for dinner. I haven't been eating breakfast that often (like usual). I don't snack all that much at work, which hasn't changed. I went for a short walk around my apartment complex with my girlfriend once... (Which is once more than usual, I guess... but not REALLY all that different from normal.)

The only things that I've been doing differently for the past couple/few weeks is avoiding the can of energy drink that I was drinking almost every day of the work week for awhile, drinking more water instead of sweetened soft drinks and bringing my lunches to work most days for the past couple weeks. (Sandwiches, pretzels and bananas instead of whatever the cafeteria had on special with fries.) A couple days where I brought a banana to work I ate that mid-morning so I wasn't as hungry at lunch time.

So, I guess either the scale is broken or those things really are adding up!

The good thing about this is even if I haven't lost 15 lbs. (or anything at all) it's making me want to start being a little better to myself. Not only is it cheaper to bring my lunches to work and skip the $2.15 a day energy drink - if I can lose a few pounds, as well, that's awesome!

Aside from that not too much is going on. I've sold 4 CD's that I had listed on eBay and at this point I've made a few bucks over the cost of listing all 13 items that I put up on Sunday and anything going forward is basically making money. I'm going to attempt to get more stuff up on eBay this weekend.

If the weather is nice I'm also going to wash and wax my car really well since I haven't cleaned it up in awhile and it's pretty filthy.

Aside from that I'm hoping it's a nice quiet, uneventful long weekend. I'm looking forward to three days off from work!

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jcdurivage said...

Congrats on the weight loss! It's a good feeling, isn't it? Soda and energy drinks are loaded with calories. I'm not surprised that you dropped that weight by cutting it out. I've heard a lot of ppl dropping around 10 lbs by just cutting out soda. Hope you have a good long weekend.