Sunday, August 12, 2007

suburbicide now my main site.

I had my web host Spooky Media switch over my hosting from smushybrain to suburbicide and I was really happy how quickly they did it... but there's one bad thing. They must have changed their basic account from when I signed up because now I can only redirect one outside domain name and that's got to be so I can't redirect smushybrain or scenebot back to suburbicide any more... That doesn't make me happy.

I've been thinking about looking for hosting with more bandwidth and features anyway... I guess this gives me another reason. I really like Spooky Media, though.

I don't have any mail at any of my domains any more, as well. I'm eventually going to set some up at suburbicide, probably, but not right now.

If you see anything that doesn't work at suburbicide or on my blog please let me know so I can get it fixed.

I'm off to go get some dinner now.

UPDATE: A quick email to Randi at Spooky Media and I have my 5 add on domains back. I'm happy again. I'm off to bed.

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