Monday, October 8, 2007

Work update & possible promotion

Just checking in... It's been a busy past few weeks.

On the work front: I have a huge project that is due on Novemember 1st that I've been spending a ton of hours of my work days on. On top of that, we're headed into our busiest season (Thanksgiving/Christmas selling) and we're building in a TON of new products... so I've been swamped over here...

I interviewed for a big promotion at work a couple weeks ago and I was one of three finalists who was picked to take the personality & aptitude testing which consisted of 3 take home personality tests and 3 math/problem solving tests. I'm still awaiting the results of the testing and the decision on whether I got the job or not. Hopefully I should hear this week. I'm really hoping that I got this one. It seems right up my alley, so to speak. It's a lot of data analysis and computer work... and a nice raise... so, yeah...

I haven't had much time to look at the news and other fun stuff like that so, unfortunately, I'm going to have to stick to this personal update for now... Hopefully I'll have time for something more "meaty" in the near future.

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