Saturday, February 23, 2008

More MacBook Pro issues

A few nights ago when I plugged in my MacBook Pro's MagSafe connector it didn't light up and it didn't start charging. I unplugged it, waited a couple seconds and tried it again. It took a couple tries of plugging it in and unplugging it before the connector lit up and started charging. I was a little worried but didn't think too much of it.

Then on Thursday night the same thing happened but this time it took unplugging it from the wall 3-4 times and unplugging it from my laptop (ahem, I mean notebook...) probably 50 times before it lit up and started charging.

I was ready to toss the thing out the window and head to Best Buy for anything but another Mac on the way home on Friday but last night and this morning it seemed to be working absolutely fine. (I was actually going to bring it back to the Apple store again if it was still being flaky...)

I'm a little annoyed with this computer. (Actually, I'm beyond annoyed. Thursday night while unplugging and replugging in my MagSafe connector I was wishing that I paid the $199 restocking fee to return it when I was still in my 14 day return period and I was just pissed off at the noisy fans.)

I think that if it was a sub-$1,000 PC laptop I'd be a little (very tiny bit) more tolerant but for a $2,000 Apple that's supposed to "Just work." I'm frustrated that the fans are noisy in a quiet room. The power adapter is now being flaky. The trackpad sometimes takes a few wiggles of my finger before it picks it up. A couple other things have popped up here and there such as Firefox randomly freezing up a couple times and ONCE my keyboard not responding until I rebooted that have popped up that are less annoying than the fans, trackpad and power adapter issues.

Honestly, though, if I was shopping for a laptop again I would not purchase a MacBook Pro.

It's sad to say... but I think my days as an Apple fan are coming to an end. Once I get my laptop from work sometime in the next few months I'm thinking about selling the MacBook Pro for whatever I can get for it and just working my PowerMac G4 tower until it's dead and then I think I'm (sadly) headed back to PC-land even though I prefer Mac OS X to anything else that I've used in the past...

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