Friday, February 1, 2008

VMware Fusion

I installed Windows XP Pro on my MacBook Pro tonight. I decided to go with the trial of VMware Fusion for now.

I have 30 days to decide if I want to buy VMware... so far it seems promising.

VMware pretty much took charge of the installation of Windows and it was probably the easiest Windows install I have ever done. I installed VMware on my mac, set up my Virtual Machine and told it I wanted to install Windows, popped in the XP install disk and next thing I know I'm playing with a Windows desktop in a window on my Mac!

So far I installed an old game (Need for Speed Underground) and I just finished installing an old copy of Visual Studio.

I"m going to keep messing around with it... but I think it's going to be good to be able to do things that I need Windows programs for again while still being on my Mac.

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