Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wii Fit

I ordered a Wii Fit directly from (not through one of the overpriced Marketplace sellers) on Monday afternoon at 3PM EST as soon as they sent me a text message stating that they were back in stock. (It's amazing to me that many retailers STILL can't keep the Wii console or many of the more popular games and accessories for it in stock.)

Anyway, I was shocked when it was on the UPS truck ready to be delivered yesterday morning, less than 24 hours after I ordered it, even using their FREE shipping option! I'm amazed at how fast Amazon can get stuff to me most of the time. However, this isn't really a "praise Amazon" post, it's about our new Wii Fit. ;)

This saga all started when my coworker's wife purchased a Wii Fit for them around Christmas-time. Since they started using it, my coworker and I have talked about it on quite a few occasions. I was intrigued by the fact that it sounded like a fun way to work at least a little bit of physical activity into my normally sedentary life. However, I was VERY skeptical that it would be something that I would use on a regular basis. I tend to be a fairly lazy person lately when it comes to working out. Plus I have found that (for the most part) I haven't really gotten into most of the games that we have for the Wii so far and I tend to not like the Wii's controllers on many of the games I've tried. However, the balance board for the Wii Fit looked interesting. Plus, I decided, that if the Wii Fit "game" itself sucked there are a few other games out there now that use the balance board as a controller which sounds neat. So, as I mentioned earlier, I went ahead and bought it as soon as it came back in stock on Amazon.

I'm glad I did. My girlfriend and I ended up spending about 4 hours yesterday setting up our Mii's, doing our initial weigh-ins, watching the activity demos and each spending about an hour a piece doing actual activities.

If you aren't familiar with Wii Fit, it's basically a workout and balance "game" where you have a virtual "trainer" who guides you through doing activities which are broken up into 4 categories including Aerobics, Balance, Strength Training and Yoga. A few activities in each category are open initially and you unlock different activities and higher levels of repetition the more you do.

I tried a good majority of the things that were initially unlocked. I tried everything from the virtual Hula Hoop and a few yoga poses to running in place and ski jumping. I was VERY surprised at how difficult some of the Yoga poses are. I really suck at most of them except the Warrior. ;) My girlfriend had a few good laughs at my expense while watching me try to do the Tree... or pretty much anything that involved balancing on one leg. Out of all of the activities that I tried, though, I found that while I enjoyed a few activities much more than others that there really wasn't anything that I truly hated doing. It was just fun and I actually felt like I was trying to do better and repeating things just because I knew I could do better. Next thing I know I had about an hour of credited exercise time!!! On top of that, I'm actually looking forward to doing more on it tonight!!!

I'd say that I'm very pleased with the Wii Fit so far, even though it's only been one evening. I hope that it continues to keep my interest.

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