Thursday, March 11, 2010

Website changes.

Google is removing FTP publishing support for Blogger which I have been using since I started this blog. It was a bit of a struggle to switch to Blogger's custom domain option but I persevered. After a few temporary stops, I'm back online at

While I was messing around with switching from FTP publishing, I also took the time to get everything switched over from the the old "Template" style to the newer "Layout" format. It took a bit of work and I'm sure I broke a few things here and there but I think I managed to capture most of what my blog looked like.

Something I learned today: If after making major changes to your blog's layout, the order of the "Posted by" and "Labels" stuff in your actual post is messed up and you can't move them where you want them: In your Dashboard click on "Layout" and then on "Edit HTML", scroll down to the bottom and click on "Revert widget templates to default" and it seemed to magically work for me.

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