Friday, January 2, 2015


The idea of a new year being a chance for resolutions or a new start hasn't been something that I've found myself believing in. However, this past year, I've been feeling more and more like it's time to start doing things a little differently.

I don't want to say that I've been "in a rut" but it definitely feels like it's time to shake things up and see how they settle out.

One of the things I've been thinking about for awhile is a rebirth of this blog. When I registered the domain name and started posting, I had some ideas as to what I wanted it to end up being about but, as with most of the things I start on the internet, I always seem to end up holding back because I know that people in my "real life" (family, friends, employers and such) have seen or may possibly end up finding things I've put up. I still struggle with the issue of keeping my private ideas private and separate from my professional life and I'm sure that I'll always have that struggle. So, I'll take this opportunity to issue a disclaimer that anything here is solely my own opinion. However, there have been things that I've been thinking and would love to put them somewhere. Why not here?

So, as a new start to this blog, here is a list of topics I was planning on working on in my personal life, as well as writing about on my recently retired "motivation" blog:
  • eating more healthy / in-season / local food
  • cooking at home more
  • eating less prepared / fast food
  • incorporating more enjoyable physical activity into my life
  • finding ways to reduce stress
  • worrying less
  • meeting new people
  • spending more time with family and friends
  • keeping in touch with non-local friends
  • simplifying and decluttering
  • learning new things
  • attempting to work on more creative / artistic things
  • sharing thoughts and ideas
  • starting new hobbies and revisiting old ones
  • reading more books
  • spending less time in front of TV
  • spending less time aimlessly browsing on the internet
The plan, as it stands right now, is to roll the (modified) ideas of that blog into this one and actually share things that I want to share. I'll probably still hold back a little bit, but hopefully be a little more open that I have been in the past.

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