Friday, April 17, 2015

Things you shouldn't do in the office. (Volume 1)

In the open office that I work in it seems there has been a recent surge in people been doing things that have been annoying each other.

Many of these, you would *think* would be pretty straightforward annoyances or unprofessional behaviors that most people know not to do in the workplace, but apparently even though they've probably been spelled out a million other places, here goes:
  • Sniffling and snorting. - Allergies or illness might be making you congested or have post-nasal drip or whatever, but go blow your nose. Nobody wants to hear your booger noises all day.

  • Cutting your fingernails. - The noise is annoying and grooming is something you should be doing at home.

  • Eating smelly food. - Nobody wants the office to smell like fish (or some other nasty odor) for hours.

  • Talking loudly. - Especially in open offices, when you stand up so your head is over the top of the cubes and talk loudly, it carries. People don't want to hear it. Go get a meeting room or invite the person into your cube and sit down to talk.

There are a handful of others, but we'll save them for another day.

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