Tuesday, January 2, 2007

More "old friends".

Let me first start by saying that I HATE the fact that the company I work for blocks myspace. Now I'm not usually a big myspace fan. In fact, I've said on numerous occasions that myspace rolls into one domain EVERYTHING that is wrong with the internet.

Justification: There is too much useless information, too many horrible layouts and half-assed attempts at color schemes. If your awesome background picture contains more than a couple colors and those colors aren't close enough shades to each other that you can pick a color that stands out over it, it's practically impossible to read your text without highlighting it. There are sounds and videos and pictures tucked into random places and overflowing off to the sides so I have to scroll side to side to see everything on my 12" iBook. (Aside: If I wanted to watch a music video I'd go find it and watch it. I don't need to see them on your myspace page. If you really need to share a video send a message/bulletin with a link or post a blog about it.)

Anyway, now that my requisite "myspace rant" is out of the way: I just got a myspace friend request from someone who I haven't seen or heard from in a couple years... and I can't get to it. I have to wait until 5:30 when I get home to check, approve and send a message to this person...

Have I mentioned that I don't have that much patience these days?

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