Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Too much packaging & Wal-Mart to push fluorescent bulbs.

What would happen if we removed the overly ridiculous packaging from our groceries right in the checkout line here in the good ol' US of A? I'd imagine someone would probably get stabbed... probably right in the checkout line in plain view of the million or so cameras in most supermarkets these days. (REMOVED DEAD LINK TO ARTICLE ON THE UK GUARDIAN WEBSITE. 03/16/10)

Also, the news of Wal-Mart pushing "green" lightbulbs was kind of interesting to me this morning. I've never thought of Wal-Mart pushing anything besides low prices. (Well, actually, I did see a few commercials recently pushing "organics" lately, too. I wonder if they need a new gimmick because the promise of low prices aren't good enough anymore? Whatever happened to them promoting the hell out of Made in USA products, too? Most of their crap is made in Taiwan and China now...) Anyway, that's all beside the point, I've been thinking of switching over to compact fluorescent lamps as the lightbulbs in my apartment die but there was one line that was a little troubling in the article that I never considered before. Compact fluorescent lamps are said to contain mercury which is something that probably shouldn't just be dumped in dumps when the 100 million bulbs that Wal-Mart plans to sell wear out. I wonder if there are companies out there which recycle fluorescent bulbs. I'll have to google that later and try to find out.

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