Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hungry and tired.

The title pretty much states how I'm feeling today. I'm hungry and tired. I slept like a rock last night but I just wanted to keep sleeping when the alarm went off at 6:30 AM. Now I'm at work and I really don't feel like being here today.

Today is the start of me trying to eat more healthy, exercise regularly and just generally work toward being more healthy. I started out today by drinking water instead of coffee, Vitamin Water or Snapple green or white tea drinks. I've already cut WAY back on the amount of soda I drink and I can't stand the taste of diet drinks so that leaves the above drinks or juices on my list of safe drinks.

One thing that I've noticed about myself and drinking water is that my mouth feels much more dry after drinking water than it does a sweetened soft drink. I tried googling to see if anyone had that same particular feeling or if I was just being stupid... and I didn't find anything besides websites saying to drink more water.

I did, however, come across a website called 43 Things that (as the name would suggest) lets you put in 43 things that you want to do into a list and it can automatically email you reminders and stuff like that. Plus it looks like you can share ideas with people who have the same goals and basically try to help each other out. I only started playing with it a few minutes ago... but it seems like a good place to put a to do kind of list up. I started with a few generic ones like "lose weight", "pay off my debt" and "buy a house" but I'm sure once I get some time to mess around with it I can come up with some more inspired goals.

I've also been reading my friend Sam's blog about cycling and it has been kind of getting me itching to go out and ride my bike again. I need to get my bike out and cleaned up and maybe go for a quick spin if it's nice out this weekend. I wish I still had friends who rode bikes.

[2024-02-13: Removed dead link to 43things.]

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