Thursday, March 15, 2007

It feels good...

... to finally start doing some of the things I haven't felt like doing for awhile.

Yesterday and this morning:

  • I finally tracked down someone at the dealership that I bought my car at to coordinate the replacement of the window that the prep guy badly scratched up taking off the window sticker. The window should be in sometime next week.
  • I finally called a new dentist to get an appointment set up. I really hate going to the dentist but I really need to go and since I have dental insurance now I really have no excuse not to go.
  • I called about the job I put in for and haven't heard back about for the past couple weeks and was told that I'd be called to set up an interview soon.

I think I'm going to spend this weekend going through more of my junk and trying to purge my life of all of my excess clutter. I have possessions scattered in three different places and I really just need to spend the time to gather together the things I want to keep and sell/donate/recycle/throw out the rest.

Oh, I need to do my taxes, too. I've been meaning to for a month now... but I just haven't felt like it...

Now that spring is starting to feel like it's just around the corner I'm starting to get some motivation back. There's something about winter that sucks out my motivation to do pretty much anything...

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