Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm a car-mod junkie...

I spent most of this weekend painting a set of aftermarket JDM (Japanese Domestic Market or "only available in Japan") Bridgestone BEO ar.S-03 wheels for my car. This is the second time that I went through this procedure and I forgot how much of a pain it is... It was even worse this time because the wheels I picked up were way more complicated than the last set I painted a few years ago. Plus, I spent an extra long time stripping all of the paint off the first one because I had planned to polish the faces until I realized that the original surface was pretty rough and it would have taken quite a bit of time to polish them and I was anxious to just get them done so I can get them put on the car. I worked on them after work two nights last week and then for a few hours on Saturday and most of Sunday.

They're all done and drying in my parent's basement now, though. I'm (hopefully) going to get them put on next weekend... and then I'll clean the car up nice and do a little photoshoot. (I'm hoping my aftermarket air filter will be here by then, too, and I can throw that on and see how it works.)

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