Thursday, May 24, 2007

Weigh in...

I know there are a couple people out there who look at my blog on occasion. If you have a moment please weigh in on what you think about this article:

Al Gore and Tom Friedman think we're paying attention to the wrong things. (

Do you agree with Al Gore that the mainstream media is fixated on celebrities and their scandals and is wasting our energy on things that don't matter? Do you also agree with Tom Friedman who basically says that coverage of the war in Iraq is blocking out talk about education, health care, etc.?

Here's the way I see it. On numerous occasious I've thought about (and had conversations relating to) the idea that we as a culture put way too much effort into keeping up with the "celebrities" and sports heroes of the day. We spend time watching the Yankees play, engrossed in American Idol or scouring the internet for the blog with pictures of Britney's crotch after we hear about her getting out of her car without underwear on. Note this is a collective "we". I understand that some of us (myself included) don't get off on Britney's crotch shots.

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