Thursday, June 7, 2007

I can't wait for the weekend.

Luckily this is a short week at work because I took vacation days on Monday and Tuesday. Sunday and Monday my girlfriend and I went to the NYC area.

On Sunday we left our apartment around 10AM and headed to the New York Botanical Garden until it closed and then took the train from there down to Manhattan and wandered around in the rain. We went to Toy Tokyo and to get Pommes Frites with Pesto Mayo. By the time we were done with all of that it was raining pretty hard and we decided to go back to our hotel. I got myself pretty lost on the way back from the train station in an area I've been to dozens of times and ended up someplace I'd been once before but I couldn't get back to where I wanted to go. I actually had to stop and ask for directions. Luckily the place I stopped gave me SIMPLE directions and I was able to find my way out without any more trouble.

Monday morning it was still pouring so we decided to skip out on our plan to go to the Bronx Zoo and hit the Palisades Mall instead. We had some mall-"Mexican" food and wandered around the mall for a few hours and headed home. I was glad to find that most of the ride home it wasn't raining all that hard because I hate driving in the rain.

Tuesday was spent relaxing and buying another air conditioner for our apartment. I got sick of feeling the temperature rise with each stair I climbed up to our third floor apartment which was like a sauna in anything over 70 degree weather outside. It's much more livable now than it was last summer. I spent a lot of time last year locked up in the bedroom in front of the only A/C in the apartment... so I think it'll be nice to be able to stand to be in the living room for more than a few minutes this summer.

Thanks to Sam for answering my question about what decent but cheap 26" street tires he'd recommend for my mountain bike. I'm going to try check out my bike this weekend and see what kind of condition it's in these days before I spend any money on it. If it looks like it's in good shape I'm probably going to pick up some tires for it soon. I need to get outside and be more active while the weather is nice. It sucks to admit this, but my legs are still sore from walking around this weekend...

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