Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm finally starting...

I'm finally getting around to doing one of the big tasks that I've been avoiding for quite awhile... I'm finally going through some of my accumulated junk that has been stored in my old place, my parent's house and my current apartment. This morning I threw out 2 garbage bags full of random shit like notes and assignments from college courses and random stuff that I've accumulated over the years. I have a bunch more stuff to go through and then hopefully by tomorrow night I'll have a flurry of stuff for sale on eBay.

I'm going to be selling my old digital camera, some misc. computer and car parts, maybe some CD's, DVD's and books and possibly some old bike parts.

I'm sick of having my stuff strewn about in three different places and I don't use most of the stuff that I have all over the place. It would also be nice to make a few bucks on stuff I never use since I'm probably still paying for some of it. (Fuck credit cards!)

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