Monday, July 2, 2007

I started to write a post...

... about the iPhone but I realized that what I was typing isn't really my blog's style. So I'm going to paraphrase it and then tell you how it ties into my life. ;)

I am amazed that the early reports are saying that 500,000+ iPhones have been sold in the past few days and I think I should have had more faith in Apple when I decided that the phone was way too over-hyped for what it is a couple months ago and sold my few shares of Apple stock when it went over $100 a share.

I still have no plans to purchase an iPhone since I'm happy with my new LG VX8600 (on Verizon) and have no desire at all to switch to AT&T. I haven't heard good things about their network or their customer service and I've been pretty happy with Verizon.

I do have to hand it to Apple (& maybe even AT&T), though, because activating the iPhone through iTunes sounds like a great idea that I wasn't expecting! When I bought my last phone it took about 30 to 45 minutes start to finish. I had to sign in and wait to talk with a salesperson. When the sales person called my name I had to tell them what phone I wanted and then wait while the cashier went in the back to get it, unpack it, activate it, print out the contract receipt to sign and make a test call. Then I had to bring the phone home and transfer my pictures, wallpapers, contacts and stuff off of it. The ringtones and stuff I downloaded wouldn't transfer to the new phone... It would be so much cooler to just be able to plug the phone into my computer and have it sync all of my stuff...

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