Thursday, August 16, 2007

Checked out my "stats" on my blog today.

It's looking like I'm getting a little bit of traffic from google searches on various search terms included in my blog from two nights ago on the FSU / Punk Rock Fight Club / Rolling Stone article. Sorry to everyone who was expecting the article or something more interesting than my LAME commentary and links. ;)

I also got a few hits from people looking up "suburbicide", so I searched it on google and found that I'm the first (main page) and second (blog) links. I also found out that there's a Pinkerton Thugs song named "Suburbicide" that I'll have to hunt down on CD. There was also a band from MA (?) that broke up in 2000 and an older hardcore band from NJ that both called themselves Suburbicide. The coolest link that I found, though, was for an artist named Greg Daville who has a project going that he is calling Suburbicide.

Also, a quick website update: Last night I combined the stuff on my main and about me pages of my website in preparation for putting up some of my rants and 1990's "teen angst poetry". I've blogged about the craptastic stuff I wrote in my teen years before and I'm sure I'll write more in here about it when that's really getting going.

I've been in a somewhat restless, creative mood lately so I'm hoping to get some work done on getting some real content on my website and getting some of my junk sold on eBay this weekend.

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