Saturday, August 18, 2007

Work and headaches suck.

I started to write a REALLY long blog entry about work yesterday. It was mostly about my current job and some of the reasons I dislike it so much. I decided it was too long and boring to post, though.

The summary is: Last week was a shit week. I was swamped all week with stupid tasks because my supervisor was on vacation and my reward for doing my job and hers was to get bitched at because I'm behind on one of my projects. I took my beating and then went to talk to the the newest of my 3 managers. I have a meeting with him on Tuesday where he's supposedly going to help to take some of my "roadblocks" out of the way and help me to enjoy my job more. Haha... we'll see. I'm going to polish up my resume and get that out there in the next couple weeks.

Other updates: I spent a few hours today going through some more old shit that I have stored at a house owned by my family that I used to live at before where I am now. I filled my car's trunk with shit to be thrown out and I have a new pile of stuff to donate to Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Now I have another one of my infamous headaches so I decided to chill for a little while and then do some cleaning around my apartment. I have to clear some stuff out of here so that I have room to bring over some of the things that I actually want to keep.

I'm hoping to get some stuff up on eBay tomorrow, Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

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