Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The late Hudson Duster in Troy mentioned in a Rolling Stone story on FSU (not the Seminoles)

In the August 23, 2007 issue of Rolling Stone magazine there is an article called Punk Rock Fight Club by Mark Binelli. (Edit: Added a link 03/06/2019.) Lately, I just quickly skim Rolling Stone, laugh at the reviews and occasionally read a political article or something that catches my attention. This was one of those rare articles that drew me in, even with the stupid title.

The unfortunately titled article was basically an overview of a "crew" in the hardcore scene that is known as FSU which stands for Fuck Shit Up or Friends Stand United, depending on who you ask. Overall, I found the article somewhat well written and it sounds like the writer tried to do his homework for the most part. The article tried to paint an almost sympathetic picture of a group of hardcore kids that started in rough Boston neighborhoods getting together to rid their local music scene of Nazi punks and then spreading and getting out of hand.

One major thing that caught my attention in the article was the fact that the (now closed) Hudson Duster in my hometown of Troy, NY was mentioned in the article as the site of one of the fatal killings linked to FSU. Back when the fight happened in 2005, I had heard that there was a fight outside of the bar and that someone died (apparently of a heart attack during or right after the fight) but I didn't really hear too much more about it. After reading the article in Rolling Stone I decided to look up more information.

First I came across a story that was a feature in our local alternative newsweekly, Metroland, called "Hardcore Issues" which was about the Hudson Duster and the problems surrounding it.

I also came across a quick follow up blurb to the "Hardcore Issues" story that reported the fact that was also mentioned in the Rolling Stone article that out of the six initially charged in the death, the charges against three of them were dropped. It also stated that one of the men charged, Lionel Bliss, who was a bouncer at the Hudson Duster at the time was kicked out of FSU and that "FSU is not involved in illegal activities" and that FSU were "made scapegoats in the death" and "for violence in the hardcore scene in general".

The final article I found was from one of the local papers, The Record. (Updated dead link - 11/25/2010) This article reported on the sentencing of Lionel Bliss and briefly talks about the other two people who were charged in the incident.

Also, for a quick laugh to cut some of the glum feelings out of this blog post check out this really disjointed blog that tried to link the Rolling Stone article to this article. WOW is all I can say about that. I think he's expecting to see FSU using biological weapons against the Nazis or the maybe the ever lame fashioncore fucktards? WTF is this nutjob talking about? I doubt he read the Rolling Stone article... or he's some dumb fuck who's scared of ME in my black hooded sweatshirt.

Now that I got all of the links and background out of the way, I feel like I should be taking this opportunity to write some scathing commentary about the "scene" but the reality is that I'm completely out of touch with it.

I was never a "hardcore kid" in the first place. On top of that, I haven't been to more than a half dozen shows in the past couple years. I love music and I try to support the bands I like by buying their music and t-shirts and catching my favorite bands when they come to town. I have always been a person who likes music and tries to get what I can out of the lyrics (that I can understand) but I've never been one to fall into following the politics or ideals of the bands I listen to.

I guess when it comes down to it, these days I'd much rather listen to music in my car than at a show where I'm paying attention to whether I'm going to get kicked in the face instead of listening just to the music and watching the guitarist(s). I guess I'm getting old. (I do miss the days of going to see shows with my brother, though.)

[Updated 11/25/2010 to fix a dead link to the Troy Record story and add another link to the Troy Record about charges being dropped against three of the suspects.]


Mover Mike said...

I not only read the entire article, I subscribe to Rolling Stone. As described by the magazine, |FSU isn't just some group of people whio get together to listen to music. The article said FSU is: "a fearless hardcore crew ...with chapters across the United States....The gang has been tied to numerous acts of violence and has been accused of intimidating fans (at hard rock concerts and clubs), engaging in random beatings, even causing other deaths."

The article in City Journal said our cities are vulnerable. It is interesting that the author suggested a mass movement to the suburbs, yet the high prices of energy are expected by some to move people to move to the cities.

Anonymous said...


I have a message for the webmaster/admin here at blog.suburbicide.com.

Can I use some of the information from your blog post above if I provide a backlink back to your website?


Jeremy said...


Feel free to use information and provide a link back here. I would also appreciate if you stopped back and put a link to your post in my comments.

Just a disclaimer, though, I really only quoted other sources. Not much of this is "original content" really.

I spent a little time updating the broken links that I could find replacements for.


Jeremy said...

The only thing I haven't been able to find a copy of online is the "Rolling Stone" article.

If anyone else can find it, feel free to drop a link here.

Anonymous said...

All philosophy lies in two words, sustain and abstain.