Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I think this might be strike 3, MySpace...

I just saw this headline: "MySpace Will Use Member Info to Tailor Ads".

I understand they need to make money to survive. I understand that in order to make money they need to sell ad space... but to tell the truth I think I was just waiting for a third strike to be pissed off about MySpace for so that I would feel less bad about deleting my profile there. This latest "revelation" isn't even that big of a deal (most businesses use their customer's data to put products in front of people who are more likely to buy them) but I don't really have an excuse to keep my profile up on MySpace but for some reason I feel compelled to keep it there.

I've already gone over the fact that I hate the horrible layouts that many people have, I seriously dislike the attempt to block spam using "msplinks" and I'm not a huge fan of their "beta tracking software" for parents.

On top of those things, I don't use MySpace ever. I can't get to it from work so I only pop on at home for a minute here and there at home to delete the friend requests I get from bands I don't like and random non-existent girls with the same exact profiles but with different names and pictures. I couldn't be less interested in collecting slutty, fake girlbot trophy pictures as "friends".

The last time I actually used MySpace for anything it was to send a message to my brother. I didn't need to use MySpace, though, I could have also emailed him, called him or stopped over to his place to tell him. I have already taken down my one link in my profile (to my blog) in protest over "msplinks". So I guess there's really nothing left there aside from a list of things I like and a collection of friends that I know and/or have known in real life...

Is there any reason I should stay on myspace?

P.S. Google, you kind of suck, too... but I like Google search, Gmail and Blogger... so you'll escape my wrath this time. ;)

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