Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I thought I was in SERIOUS debt...

... but it doesn't seem so bad when you read about the fact that our "actual" national debt is currently reported to be over $9 trillion and the "official" debt number is projected to exceed our "debt ceiling" of $8.965 trillion by October 1st.

I was sick enough reading these stories... but I'm even more sick of the "partisan" spin that "news" outlets put on stories like this, though. From the article: "Democrats blame Bush's tax cuts and the war in Iraq for pushing the debt to record levels."

I think EVERYONE should at least partially blame Bush's tax cuts. I'm guessing that the approximately 64% of Americans who currently disapprove of Bush's job performance don't think the ill-conceived war in Iraq is a good idea...

We need to find a way out of war (and debt) now. Maybe Bush needs to find himself a second job... If I should, so should he.

(All joking aside... What can we do?)

Edit: Reading through the comments to the first article I linked to I'm seeing that some people actually have some ideas... but is it even possible to make all religious institutions pay property and income tax, revise the tax code to drastically limit the the amount of write-offs that big business take, etc.?

I'm sure it's possible... but how would we even go about something like redesigning all of the tax laws? I would love to see a simpler, more fair tax system...

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