Monday, October 19, 2009

Past goals & progress.

I was randomly looking at old posts on my blog today and I found an old post from January 23, 2007 entitled Douglas Coupland books & my to do list which, I'm sure you'll be surprised to read, contained a "to do" list.

In fact, this was the list:
1) finish cleaning up all my junk at the apartment (did some, accumulated more)
2) refinish an old coffee table to bring to the apartment (started...)
3) get my parent's old orange chair over to my apartment (scrapped this idea)
4) pull my mountain bike apart, repaint the frame and overhaul the rest (It's orange now!)
5) go through my accumulated bike parts and sell/donate what I'm never going to use (I donated quite a few bikes and parts but still have some left that can go.)
6) finish selling off the misc. car parts I've accumulated over the past 5 years that don't fit my current car (I haven't done too much with this.)
7) sell off my small guitar practice amp, distortion pedal and cables that I never use (Gone.)
8) (maybe: get rid of one of my guitars) (Acoustic/electric gone.)
9) (maybe: go through my CD's and sell off the ones I'm never going to listen to) (ruled out for now.)
10) (maybe: build a new "entertainment center" that isn't ugly and has room for the TV and all of the electronics) (bought one)

I thought it would be amusing to see how many of these that I actually did since then... so I crossed off the ones that I did. I completely finished 4 and ruled out 2. Out of the remaining 4, I started 3... I should probably get going on those. ;)

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