Monday, October 26, 2009


Last week I decided that it's time to start working out and getting myself back into shape again. So, I'm doing what I usually do when I'm trying to get myself going on something. I'm having a bit of a "spending spree" to get all of the required gear.

Last year (about this time) I completely refurbished my bike in an effort to build interest in riding it again and by the time I finished the bike the wintry weather was right around the corner and while the refurbished bike was a huge improvement over it's previous build, it still wasn't comfortable to ride at my current weight.

This year I'm trying to get into running again. So last week I went out a couple times for walk/jog/run laps around our apartment complex. However, I realized that my old New Balance running shoes aren't super comfortable. Plus, I don't have hardly any workout clothes.

So, I picked up a couple pairs of shorts last week and I just bought a pair of Saucony running shoes on Amazon. Now I'm on the hunt for some cooler weather running clothes for the next month or so before the winter weather hits and I'm on the treadmill until spring.

I'm hoping to get in shape over the winter and into the spring and then get back on my bike next spring and summer. As much as it sucked to admit this to myself, I really am horribly out of shape and it's time to correct that. ;)

So far, I've (re-)cut soda and energy drinks out of my diet and started drinking more water. I started taking a daily multivitamin and eating salad a couple days a week for lunch instead of one of the work cafeteria specials. I'm trying to also watch my portion sizes and eating a little more slowly so that I give myself a chance to feel full before I stuff more food down my throat... on top of that stuff I've done a little bit more physical activity.

In about a week I've managed to drop about 4-5 pounds and I feel excited to get out of work, lace up my running shoes and do a few laps. I hope that I can keep my motivation up and continue to make progress. My short term goal is to be under 200 lbs by Christmas and ultimately to get to about 160-175 lbs. It's attainable, I just can't lose focus like I did a couple years ago when I started off strong, did well and then just stopped all of my healthy behaviors and went right back to where I was.

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